Winter 2019/2020

We are now in the midst of Winter along with the cold frosty weather outside and centrally heated rooms inside – both of which are notoriously detrimental to our skin! Any kind of specialist treatment to our faces is very beneficial at this time, so why not book some treatments and prepare your skin for the spring!

Special offer during the month of February – £10.00 reduction on all Facial Rejuvenation treatments!

Autumn 2019

Autumn is now officially here, and having completed the two courses as mentioned in my Summer news (Indian Head Massage and Facial Rejuvenation), I am able to offer a package which includes both treatments. Clients do not need to undress as only the head, face and neck areas are treated. However, if you prefer, these can be offered separately, as detailed in Treatments.
I do feel that these treatments work well together in encouraging a deep sense of relaxation together with the stimulation of the blood and lymph circulation to promote a more youthful glowing appearance!

Summer 2019

I am intending to take two further courses during the summer months – Indian Head Massage and a Facial Rejuvenation course.  I feel the two qualifications could work very well together. Many of my clients have indicated that they really benefit from having their scalp and head massaged and as it is a type of massage that I enjoy too I felt it necessary to study it further.  I have also read some very interesting articles regarding Facial Rejuvenation – particularly for the older woman whose skin is not as youthful as it once was!

The results appear to be truly amazing. Watch this space!